september 2017


Max Puglisi: Throwback Loop Lounge

10 PM

Get down to all your favorite throwbacks from the heyday live
looped in a soulful, worldly style by Max Puglisi. Enjoy an evening with all the best soul,
R&B, some free & easy jazz, and capping off the night with all the hip hop and rap throwbacks. Expect
everything from Bill Withers to 50 Cent, Al Green to Nelly, and so so much more.


The Dishonest Fiddlers with Brendan Gosson

10 PM

Get folked up with PA string collective The Dishonest Fiddlers, brought to you by
special guest and local fiddle extraordinaire, Brendan Gosson. This is a one-time event of pickin’ and grinnin’ in the unique Downtown Syracuse.
The Dishonest Fiddlers are an emerging folk group rooted in Northeast Pennsylvania. Folk and Bluegrass music are obvious influences that have helped to forge and inspire a unique,
homegrown sound while providing a solid musical foundation. Socially conscious songwriting and old timey sensibilities are certain to open even the most discerning ear. 

Sound & Color: The Arts Collide

10 PM

Featuring the Music of Dreads N’ Butter (Billy Harrison & Anthony Saturno) and live visual art by Melissa Gardiner & Eliza Jeffers. This unique production will present
both media equally and interactively, through a kaleidoscope format, with games/prizes directed by
Harrison, and opportunity for the audience to take part in the inspiration of creations too! So descend
upon Otro Cinco late night, grab a cocktail, win a watermelon, and enjoy this special night of creation. Artist’s original works will be available for purchase at the end of the evening..


Stephen Douglas Wolfe & Bell & Sgroi

10 PM

Enjoy an intimate night with two of Syracuse’s most highly acclaimed singer-songwriter forces. These long-awaited performances by both artists are a treasure to connoisseurs of this music and will surely be an inspiration to all attending. After a decade of work in two propulsive indie rock bands - Getaway Driver and Cavaliers, Stephen
Douglas Wolfe has found his voice, this time without a band surrounding him.

Bell & Sgroi

Bell & Sgroi

SAMMY-winning Bell & Sgroi are a delicate duo creating a web of relaxed acoustic textures guided by their hauntingly poignant harmonies.